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August Featured Photographer: Alicia Oltz

Date Published: July 28, 2021

See Dutchess County through the eyes of local photographer Alicia Oltz! See some of her striking architecture and landscape photography below. 


 Left to right: Mid-Hudson Bridge from Poughkeepsie Waterfront, Interior of Wing's Castle, Millbrook. 


1. What's your name and where can people find your work?

Alicia Oltz & my Instagram is @aleeshie

2. Describe your perfect staycation in Dutchess, or your idea of a fun weekend in the county.

My perfect weekend in Dutchess County would include a visit to Vanderbilt Mansion in the morning and walking down to the river. Then take a tour of Millbrook Vineyards & Winery in the afternoon, followed by a short hike at Ferncliff Forest in Rhinebeck and climb the fire tower. You can't forget about grabbing lunch at Terrapin. Another fun idea would be grabbing dinner at the Hyde Park Brewery, followed by a movie at the Hyde Park Drive-in! On Sundays, also I like to stop at the Rhinebeck Farmer's Market. 


  Bannerman Castle, Beacon


3. What equipment do you use in your photography? 

Nikon D750 with a Nikon 16-35mm lens. I also use my iPhone a lot of the time! 

4. What is your favorite place to photograph in Dutchess and why? 

My favorite place to photograph in Dutchess would have to be Dover Stone Church. I especially love to photograph it in the fall and winter months. The foliage is beautiful in the fall, and the ice during the winter can make for an interesting landscape. 

  Dover Stone Church, Dover Plains


5. Do you have somewhere on your list that you want to photograph in Dutchess, but haven’t gotten there yet? 

I have yet to climb Stissing Mountain to see the view from the fire tower. The view looks incredible!

6. Give us a few photography tips.

Patience in framing your shot. Sometimes, we are quick to snap a photo and move on, but we often miss some details doing this. I also believe that it isn't so much about the camera, but the person using it. Learning how to use your camera, whether it's a basic point-and-shoot or an advanced DSLR is super important. Playing around with settings and reading tutorials can take you pretty far!

Wing's Castle, Millbrook 

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